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> f-eins - meat of the f-einest quality

You will find a detailed list of products in the AMA catalogue and the ESS-food-catalogue here.



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„Pork is not always pork“ - there is virtually no pan-European product standardisation in the meat industry.

Differences in breeds, feeding and processing of the animals often result in meat being unsuitable for production outside the local market.

A Spanish pork ham, a Danish shoulder of pork or a German pork belly may be perfect for use in the respective country, but too fat/lean, too big/small or too heavy/light for use in other countries.



> f-eins searches for the right product in the right quality and cut for your production

Supply and demand are often controlled by regional or seasonal eating habits. Tripe, for example, is a highly valued delicacy in some countries, whilst in others it is used only to be processed into animal feed.
As a result, special breeds of animals that meet the demands of the respective markets have evolved in the individual regions.


Often only the experts are aware that there are several cycles on the raw material market during the year in which there is either an absolute shortage or even a massive excess of certain types of meat.


> The f-eins team is always there for you so that your production never comes to a standstill.

The employees at f-eins really know their market. They are specialists, and most of them even speak the languages of the countries in which they buy or sell. That way they can react to any market changes flexibly and quickly – and you are always guaranteed a fair price.

We can deliver both prime cuts and cuts for further processing of all three meat categories (pork, beef and poultry); see poster for
beef (Rind.pdf),
pork (Schwein.pdf),
chicken (Huhn.pdf) and
turkey (Pute.pdf).


You will find a detailed list of products in the AMA catalogue and the ESS-food-catalogue here.


Here you can download our currant product catalog.